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We’ve spent the last decade helping thousands of new moms return to work stronger than ever. And now you can too.


For less than the cost of one day out of work, Gravida increases new mother retention, decreases absenteeism, and helps moms return to work ready to jump back in fully.

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Driven by the mission to help new moms return to their lives stronger than ever.

Of new mothers have an intention and desire to return to jobs they love.
—— Mother.ly
But only 60% return to work after maternity leave.
—— Pew Research
New mothers that feel prepared to transition back to work.
—— Ask any mom!

New moms have trouble returning to jobs they love because of a mountain of “no one ever told me's” that they need to navigate while returning to work postpartum.

Morgan Michalowski

Founder & CEO, Gravida
Nurse Midwife, Lactation Consultant, and Women’s Health 
Nurse Practitioner.

I've spent the last decade helping new moms plan and prepare for everything so they return to work stronger than ever.

And now I’m turning this proven approach into Gravida to support new moms everywhere.

Gravida provides a heads up and answers to all of the “no one ever told me’s” that otherwise turn into missed days or employee churn.

No one ever told me...
I wouldn’t emerge from the hospital a different woman.
how lonely I’d be.
about the weak bladder that happens after childbirth.
that even if I wasn't sure I had maternal instinct, I’d figure out how to take care of my baby.
that my love of work will never change. But the kind of work I do will.
how important it is to learn how to ask for help!
Mother laying in bed with her sleeping child
Mother doing yoga with her child laying next to her
Mother carrying her baby while getting ready for the day
Mother holding her child and eating breakfast
Mother breastfeeding her child while laying in bed and working on her laptop
Mother brushing her teeth while breastfeeding her child
Return to work
stronger than ever
Ask our customers about Gravida

Gravida is AMAZING.
Helped me return to work feeling great and feeling supported to take on what was ahead.

Molly B.

Gravida will help you increase retention among new mothers. Period.

Macy W.

I don’t know what I would have done without Gravida. They told me what’s coming and told me how to prepare.

Sara S.

Gravida will help the whole family. Partners included.

Alex R.