Postpartum and return to work maternity leave course for expectant moms.

For less than the cost of one day out of work, Gravida increases new mother retention, decreases absenteeism, and helps moms return to work ready to jump back in fully.

Gravida “unboxing”

A Gravida license includes lifetime access to the following:

100 Video Program

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100 Videos Covering Top
“No One Ever Told Me”

Module one:
Postpartum Prep

50 videos focused on helping new moms prepare for Postpartum so they can make the most of their paid leave.

Take a peek inside Module 1
1.1 What to Expect & How to Prepare: Birth & First Day

Video 1: Hospital Arrival

Video 2: Contractions & The Waiting Game

Video 3: What Happens When Giving Birth

Video 4: The First 5 Minutes

Video 5: Breastfeeding The First Time

1.2 What to Expect & How to Prepare: the first 6 weeks

Video 1: Sore Joints & Tailbone

Video 2: Getting the Right Latch

Video 3: PJs All Day

Video 4: Bowling Ball Sensation

Video 5: Accidental #2 in the Shower

1.3 Postpartum: What No One Tells You

Video 1: Baby Bump Lingers

Video 2: Changes Down There

Video 3: The Myth of the Maternal Instinct

Video 4: Baby Getting Enough Food Can Be Scary

Video 5: Assistance Getting Up

1.4 What to Expect: Changes to the Body

Video 1: Heads Up: Breast Engorgement

Video 2: Not so Pleasant V-Heads Up

Video 3: Another Not so Pleasant V-Heads Up

Video 4: Healing Tears

Video 5: Re-establishing Intimacy

1.5 At Work: How to Transition Well

Video 1: Your Legal Rights

Video 2: How to Handle Time Off

Video 3: At Work: Things to Ask For

Video 4: Work Life Balance Reality

Video 5: Telling Your Boss You’re Pregnant

1.6 Things to Ask for: Your Partner

Video 1: Help with Products!

Video 2: Help with Appointments

Video 3: Help with Postpartum Meals

Video 4: Help Being the Gatekeeper

Video 5: Ask Us How We’re Feeling

1.7 What No One Tells You: Changes to the Mind

Video 1: Matrescence: A Mother is Born

Video 2: Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders: Can’t Outsmart It

Video 3: Ambivalence is Normal: Here’s What to do About it

Video 4: 90% of Mothers Have Negative Feelings About Their Child

Video 5: Anxiety over Separation

1.8 Postpartum Healing: Advice

Video 1: Healing Noms

Video 2: Thoughts on Rest

Video 3: Meal Train

Video 4: Cleaning the House

Video 5: Support System

1.9 Breastfeeding: What You Need to Know

Video 1: Getting the Right Latch

Video 2: 5 Causes of Nipple Pain

Video 3: Concerns Around Enough Nutrition

Video 4: Foods to Avoid

Video 5: Hack for Breastfeeding Lying Down

1.10 What to Expect & How to Prepare: First 8 Months

Video 1: A New Way of Life

Video 2: Sleep Fluctuations

Video 3: Things to Know: Teething

Video 4: Mobility Changes

Video 5: Maintaining Partner Bond

Module Two:
Back to Work

50 videos dedicated to supporting new moms transition back to work as the best mom, partner, employee they can be.

Take a peek inside Module 2
2.1 Preparing to Return to Work

Video 1: Pumping: What You Need

Video 2: Emotions that Come Up

Video 3: Planning for the Unexpected!

Video 4: Things to Plan Before Leaving Home

Video 5: Flexible Hours

2.2 Adjusting to a New Lifestyle

Video 1: No New Rhythm

Video 2: Sharing Physical Responsibilities

Video 3: Sharing Emotional Responsibilities

Video 4: Handling Unsolicited Advice

Video 5: Parenting Style

2.3 Emotional & Logistical Considerations: Childcare

Video 1: Childcare Options

Video 2: Things to Ask Your Provider

Video 3: What to Provide Your Baby

Video 4: Separation is Hard

Video 5: Visitation Policy

2.4 Returning to Work: Advice for Pumping

Video 1: Things to Know: Handling Requirements

Video 2: Things to Know: Supply & Cadence

Video 3: Things to Know: What Could Go Wrong

Video 4: Scheduling Pumping

Video 5: Talking Points to Handle Naysayers

2.5 Top-Performers: What No One Tells You

Video 1: You’ll Want to Quit

Video 2: Prioritize What Matters to You

Video 3: The 6 Month Rule of Thumb

Video 4: It Will Make You Stronger

Video 5: #Boundaries are Everything

2.6 Workouts to Feel Like You Again

Video 1: Stretches to Release Tension

Video 2: Workouts to do While Laying Down

Video 3: Workouts to do 6 Weeks Postpartum

Video 4: Workouts to do a 2 to 6 Months Postpartum

Video 5: Workouts to do 6+ Months Postpartum

2.7 Pro Tips for Eating Well Upon Returning to Work

Video 1: Foods Recommended by Science

Video 2: Recipes to Heal & Eat On-The-Go

Video 3: Services That Make It a Little Easier

Video 4: Listen to Your Body

Video 5: Signs You May Not Be Getting the Right Nutrition

2.8 Bonding Moments with Your Baby & Partner

Video 1: Morning Rituals

Video 2: Daytime Moments

Video 3: Evening Bonding

Video 4: Your New Family

Video 5: Connecting as a Couple

2.19 Baby Blues: And What to Do

Video 1: Perinatal Mood Disorder 101

Video 2: Typical Feelings Postpartum

Video 3: When to Get Support

Video 4: You’re Smart. But you Can’t Outsmart it.

Video 5: Resources that Can Help

2.20 Self-care Tips for Work & Home

Video 1: Schedule Time For Yourself

Video 2: Evolving Identity

Video 3: Self-care while Breastfeeding/Pumping

Video 4: Meeting Other Moms

Video 5: Pep Talk!

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What is Gravida?

Gravida is a movement to support women through the largest shift in their lives since puberty. We offer a suite of services that uniquely target the root cause behind why new moms often struggle to return to work. Gravida’s approach has helped thousands of mothers heal and return to work stronger than before.

How does it work?

Employers set a quick call with Gravida and then list the employee benefit on their site. It’s free to list! When a qualifying new parent takes advantage of the benefit, Gravida is made available to them for a one-time licensing fee of $500. The employee chooses where their gift basket will be sent. Licenses are confidential to employers for 6 months following an employee signing up for Gravida with their business email address.

How do I keep costs under control?

Employers, feel free to set a cap on your account

so only an approved number of employees can register before you're alerted. We're confident after you see the effect of Gravida on one new parent, you'll see how it pays for itself almost immediately.

Most new mothers report a desire to return to work. And yet less than half do. I’ve spent the last decade perfecting a method to help new moms return to work stronger than ever.

Morgan Michalowski
Nurse Midwife, Lactation Consultant, and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner